Zombie Transformers

First of all let me say a few things. I’m way outside of the target age group for this book, and I started watching Transformers back in the 80’s with the G1 cartoon. So I can admit that my review of this book is from the viewpoint of an adult, not a child.

The story is pretty basic, Optimus and Ratchet are in the lab and discover something called “Dark Energeon,” that has the ability to bring dead Transformers back to life. They know that Megatron has possession of it and he has intentions of using it. They head to an ancient battleground where there are thousands of dead Transformers. Megatron shows up and uses the Dark Energeon to bring an army of the dead to life and commands them to fight the Autobots. Prime and Ratchet are able to defeat them and confront Megatron and he flees. When he leaves, his army collapses dead without him there.

It isn’t a terrible concept but did we really have to combine zombies and Transformers? It’s a strange union of two different genres and as much as I hate to say it, it’s not completely bad. I’m sure that little kids will enjoy this very much, but for adult fans of the Transformers, you may want to skip this one.

3 Stars