I picked this up because it was a free Kindle download and it had zombies in it and honestly because the cover looks pretty cool!


So apparently zombies have conquered the world and have created their own society. Our main character Steven, is a 10 year old zombie boy and he hears a strange thumping outside. His friends and his parents can’t hear it so he goes out and digs up a small cube of some kind. He meets a living person who he calls a “zombie.” The “zombie” tells him that there are many colors, tastes, sounds, touches and smells to the world.

The “Hunters,” then arrive and dispatch the “zombie.” The Hunters are like the zombie police who come and kill any living human they find in order to keep peace. Steven returns home with his little cube and cups it in his hands while his parents argue downstairs. The cube melts and is absorbed into his body. His heart starts beating and he is alive again. He hears sounds, smells scents, sees colors and feels touches on his body. He loves every second of it but his parents call the Hunters and he is killed. But he regrets nothing as he as experienced life as it was intended to be.


I really enjoyed this book! I loved how this author was able to describe things so well and was able to remind us of the little joys of life such as feeling a fresh breeze blow across our bodies, or feel the sun on our body as it rises. Plus it was really a unique take on the zombie apocalypse! The zombies are the new norm and the humans are seen as the monsters that need to be eradicated.

My only complaint is that this story is just too short. I would have liked to know more about what this cube was that he found and more about who the human was that Steven came across.

Check it out!

4 Stars