Age of Ultron

I never really knew much about Ultron until I read this. Heck the only times I have seen him in comics was during Secret Wars when he was being controlled by Doctor Doom. I’m not even sure if he spoke during that comic but this comic really brought him into the spotlight.


So Ultron has pretty much conquered the planet and the heroes have been defeated, some of them even killed. He is ruling from the distant future and is using Vision as his emissary to our timeline and using low level thieves like Hammerhead and The Owl to round up and bring the remaining heroes to him.

In order to beat him, Wolverine and Sue Storm go back in time and kill Hank Pym before he can create Ultron. But then that makes an even worse future and they have to go back in time AGAIN and stop Wolverine from killing Hank Pym. Instead they give him an idea about how to beat Ultron by putting a kill command deep into his original programming so well hidden that even he can’t see it inside himself.


The story isn’t bad, but I really hate time travel stories. To me it’s a way for authors to get around established continuity or do whatever they want to. The only other thing about this book that I don’t like is that it’s just too LONG!!! The comic has the 10 issues of Age of Ultron and then it has the other comics that dabbled in the Age of Ultron storyline, and frankly they aren’t very interesting.

The artwork is very good and its good to see all the Marvel heroes working together to defeat a common foe. The story is worth reading and is good homework for any comic book fan who plans on seeing the next Avengers movie that is coming up in 2015. Also I admit that it looks pretty awesome on my shelf.

Check it out!

3 Stars