The other day I finally watched the movie, “Divergent.”  It was better than I thought it would be.  Below is my review of the movie that I posted on Amazon.

So here we have yet another movie that has an evil person or group who is trying to take over the world, or whatever is left of it, and the only one who can stop them is a couple of super attractive teenagers with impeccable hair and make up. And yes if you are thinking that this is basically the plot of the Hunger Games with a few changes made, then you are absolutely right.

It’s also like a lot of other teen movies in the fashion that this incredibly powerful evil person can only be stopped by a couple of teenagers. Also there is their version of the “Reaping,” from the Hunger Games and the “Sorting Hat” ceremony from Harry Potter. Also just like in those other movies, being sorted or reaped doesn’t matter because you can just ask to be put in a faction. Just like Harry asked to be put into Griffindor and Katniss volunteered to be tribute for the games.

And speaking of these 5 factions, what teenager in their right mind would choose any faction other than Dauntless? I mean if any teenager had the choice between the 5 of these groups they would see these guys and think they are the coolest thing ever and instantly want to join. I mean seriously, what teenager in their right mind would want to be a farmer? Or live a life of what is basically suffering to help others? The others are what I can only describe as brainiacs and paper-pushers.

Not to mention that during this ceremony, they are only using one knife to cut the hand of every teenager there. One kid with any kind of disease like Hepatitis, and they are all screwed.

The story itself is kinda interesting and it does keep you watching, but it does have it’s3 flaws. For example, every five minutes someone is talking about, their rankings and how their rankings will effect them or how if they don’t get good rankings, they will be cut out of Dauntless. I will admit that Beatrice is a much more interesting main character than Katniss ever was and she does actually have some good motivations.

If you have time to kill and can find a copy of this, it’s worth watching.

3 Stars


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog but I promise that I haven’t forgotten about you, my blog followers!

This blog is meant to be for my reviews, and lately my reviews have been for comics that I have been getting at the library and they are all pretty short.  The comics I have been reading are mostly just library bindings of comics you get at the comic shop.  They are pretty much 20 pages at most, and the most I can write about these comics is maybe 4 or 5 sentences.  And frankly it’s not worth posting here.  If you really want to read them,you can find them on Amazon under the same name, “zombie phreak.”

I feel like this blog should be for full length books and movies that have more meat to them and will give you, my reader, more to enjoy rather than just a little blurb about a short comic book.  I’m also going back and reading some event comics that I never got around to reading when I was younger, such as Crisis on Infinite Earth, The Infinity Gauntlet, Armor Wars

I do have a few books that I am currently reading and I am hoping to have reviews written for them in the near future, and these are actual good books written by very talented authors.  And I don’t mean just big name authors, I am also referring to independent authors who I feel deserve just as much attention as big name authors.

So I hope that you can stick with me while I am working on getting through some great books.  🙂


This blog is usually about just reviews, but today I want to talk about something that is irking me.  So this is more like an opinion post than an actual review.  So if you are just looking for another one of my reviews, you may want to skip this post.

I started liking the character of Larfleeze back when he showed up in Agent Orange, which was a prequel to Blackest Night.  When I heard he was getting his own comic I had to get my hands on it right away!

I’ll admit that the comic itself wasn’t that great.  The story was a little lame and the artwork wasn’t that greatest either, but it had Larfleeze in it!  He was greedy, he was self-centered and he was a textbook narcissist, just the way his fans loved him!

The comic was supposed to have a 13 issue run, but only 12 issues were every written and released to the public.  Apparently the sales numbers on the comic just kept going down and down until they dropped below the line of 20,000 copies sold every issue and the book was cancelled.  This was really annoying to me.  Sure the book wasn’t the greatest and the plot was pretty cartoony at times, but come on!  You couldn’t dig into the DC coffers and squeeze out one more issue?

As a fan of the series and DC Comics, I feel like they owe us the fans that final issue!  Plus I feel like once a series is started that even if the sales are horrible, the publisher should at least give us an ending to the story!

Another example of when this happened was when Image Comics ended the run of “Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye,” right in the middle of a storyline and left us hanging.  The last page of the last issue hinted at the reveal of a major character in the next issue but we never got it.  It’s just annoying to me as a comic book reader and I hate when comic book publishers do this.

Any other comic book fans have any opinions on this?  Let me know in the comments.  Anyway thanks for listening and letting me blow off some steam.

Zombie Autopsies
I love zombie novels and zombie books that are written in journal format, but I feel like this book was severely lacking.


First of all, there’s no story to this at all. The author TRIED to have an underlying story about these characters trying to research the zombie disease and a cure for it. However the characters are bland and one dimensional and they don’t really progress at all, unless you count their progression toward becoming members of the living dead. I was more interested in this place called, “The Crypt” they were working in and the events that lead up to the unleashing of this virus and the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the zombies. I really didn’t care about these lame characters.

I will admit that the author did know a lot about medicine and lots about the human body and how it works and about autopsies. I’m not for one second saying he isn’t a good medical professional. But his writing skills leave a lot to be desired.


The book is just uninteresting and the story is practically non-existent. The author gets additional star for the book because he does know a lot about medicine and autopsies, but that’s not enough to make the book interesting. If you are looking for the next “Zombie Survival Guide,” you can safely skip this one.

2 Stars

Dead Drunk

You know that one friend that everyone has that talks about how wasted they got and brags about how much they drank last night and how they hit on women and about the fight they had? Imagine if that guy decided that his drunken exploits had to be written down and published in book format. That’s what this book is like.


So the book is about a bachelor party where a bunch of guys complain and whine about how they were studs and star athletes in college but now that they have entered the real world, they are just a bunch of drunken losers who are constantly broke, and they are despised by women and have crappy jobs. They just drink constantly, and keep hitting on women to the point where they are almost harassing and molesting them.

About 25% of the way in the author decides to throw zombies in the book and that is where I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided I was done. I don’t read books to hear about guys whining about how they are losers who were big shots in college and high school but couldn’t make it in the real world. I also don’t wanna hear about people bragging about how wasted they got and about their drunken bar crawl. I want to hear a story and have some escapism. This book delivered none of that. Plus the characters barely have any defining characteristics other than their jobs they have. Other than that they are just a bunch of cardboard cutouts.


This book is just terrible and a waste of time and space on my Kindle. Pass this one by.


I always knew that Twitter was making people brainless, and this story just helped my argument.


This book was difficult to enjoy. The main character (Ven), is too narcissistic for my tastes. The first part of the book is mainly her bragging about how great of a hacker she is and how great her skills are. Also the author spends way too much time talking about this botnet and how it works and how the internet works and how complex it is. Not to mention that Ven. is directly responsible for the zombie apocalypse but she doesn’t seem to care, she’s more worried about making sure that she has all her hair relaxers and the right shoes with her as she is leaving home. She also barely spends anytime at all mourning the loss of her husband who was killed when he turned into a zombie, and she doesn’t really feel bad about causing the apocalypse until the very end of the book. So as I said earlier, it’s hard to like this character.

Plus some of the logistics of this story don’t make sense. She spends days upon days glued to her computer screen, yet she has a 3 month old infant in the house that she only feeds when she can pull herself away from her computer screen. Yet the baby and her dog seem pretty well fed and in perfect health. Speaking of her dog, this dog (Boscoe) seems to be able to hold its bowels and bladder for days on end. A little unrealistic.


This book is just not very good. The plot doesn’t really advance, the characters are uninteresting, and the protagonist is just someone that is just annoying and is totally unlikable.

Maybe you might like this story, but I didn’t.

1 Star

Gage lives again, this time it’s personal! Maybe, I don’t know yet 🙂

Legends of Windemere

Symbol of Akashic Brotherhood in Mage the Ascension Symbol of Akashic Brotherhood in Mage the Ascension

Symbol of Sons of Ether from Mage the Ascension Symbol of Sons of Ether from Mage the Ascension








I’ve mentioned a few of the role-playing games I was into in college, which is mostly Dungeons & Dragons.  There was some Vampire, Heroes Unlimited, and a bunch of strange one-shot tries.  One of those attempts was another White Wolf system called Mage: The Ascension.  It was connected to Vampire and you played a mage who had to hide his uses of magic because normal people weren’t supposed to know it existed.  Not easy for someone used to worlds where fireball flinging was a hobby.  I started in this system alongside my friend Dave aka Nimby and he fell in love with the system.  I went back to being Clyde the vampire when I was given the opportunity.  Probably because our characters were insanely overpowered.


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