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I will admit that today was my first time seeing this movie. I got it on DVD from the library and even though this movie came out 30 years ago, I wanted to give my thoughts on it.


Right off the bat I have to wonder about Supergirl’s outfit. I mean I know that her costume is based on Superman’s, but that’s the thing, she’s never seen his costume before. So how would she know what it looks like in order to make hers similar to his costume? I guess it’s just a minor complaint and I can overlook it. Speaking of clothes, does Supergirl have clothes changing powers? In every other scene she’s changing her clothes just by flying or walking behind something. I have to admit that she’s never done that in any comic I’ve ever read.

When she gets to Earth, it looks like she is flying in front of stock footage from the archives of National Geographic. It’s really bad, and you can tell that it’s fake right away.

Another thing I wonder about, why does Selena need this orb thing anyway? I’m serious, she seems to have all her magic powers without even using the thing. I admit it does seem like it LOOKS cool and powerful, but she seems to already be powerful without it. I don’t know, maybe it’s an ego thing.

Moving along, after she gets out of the Phantom Zone and the floor is collapsing under her feet, why doesn’t she just fly up into the air? Did she forget she could fly? Well eventually she does defeat Selena and she frees her friends. And she asks them to not tell anyone she was here. Why!?! She doesn’t have any enemies on Earth no one knows who she is, and no one can hurt them because they know her. Also Lucy tells her that she’ll tell everyone that Linda had to go. But again I ask, Why!?! No one knew who she was anyways! Who is going to miss her?

And finally I have to ask, why does Selena want this Ethan guy so bad anyway? I mean he’s just one guy and he’s not even that good looking. Plus when she finally does get him under her spell, she doesn’t even seem to want him there. She smacks him around, orders him about and doesn’t even really look at him. So why did she want him in the first place? Did she just want him because Supergirl had him? I’m guessing that’s probably why.


All in all, the movie is pretty campy by today’s standards, and the story is kinda lame, but I will admit that I liked seeing a female super hero. It was probably good when it first came out, but it does not age well.

2 Stars


Here is a review of an e-book that is set in the Star Wars universe and it was simply awesome!!!

Let me start this review off by saying that no one, and I mean NO ONE can write for Boba Fett as well as Karen Traviss can.  When I saw this book on Amazon I was delighted and I was even more excited when I found out that she wrote it!


I knew from the Star Wars comics that the Mandalorians were involved in the Vong War during their invasion and that they fought alongside them against the New Republic.  But this e-book really helped fill in the gaps that the comics and the novels left.  I knew they weren’t just in it for the credits!

The visuals that Karen Travis paints with her story were just amazing!  Having Boba Fett walking through the depths of one of the Vong’s ships was great!  I could almost smell the slime oozing from the walls and hear the squishing of his boots as he walked across the pulsing floor.  Also, having him compare being in the ship to being back inside the Sarlaac pit was very cool as well.

During the book, the Mandalorians are faced with a moral dilemma.  They have signed up with the Vong, thinking they are just an army that wants to wreck a few worlds and they’ll get some quick cash off of it.  But it turns out it’s an entire invasion armada and they want to destroy the entire galaxy!  Boba Fett and the Mandalorians have already taken the job so they are honor bound to stand by their word and fight alongside the Vong against the New Republic.  However in doing so, Fett adds on that the Vong have to leave his home planet of Mandalore alone.  They agree and of course they are lying to him.  But this gives Boba Fett the time he needs to mobilize his people for war.  And when you have the entire population of the Mandalorian home world gunning for you, you might just want to reconsider your course of action!

While fighting alongside the Vong, Boba Fett manages to sneak information to the New Republic about the Vong, their plans, their technology and their biology.  Eventually the New Republic wises up and realizes that the Mandos are double agents and they send a Jedi Master to parley with Boba Fett.  He tells the Jedi to keep this under wraps and to keep fighting against the Mandalorians as if they are the true enemy in order to keep up the ruse so they can continue to slip the New Republic information about the invaders.  The Jedi Master asks what Fett wants in return.  He only asks for one thing, that the Republic knows that a Mandalorian warrior died to save a Jedi Master.


This book was awesome!  Karen Traviss continued to do what she did best in the Star Wars universe, writing for Boba Fett and the Mandalorians.  It really is too bad that she and the rest of the Star Wars writers had a falling out due to creative differences and that she is no longer writing for Star Wars.  I would have loved to read more of her work in a Star Wars setting.

5 Stars!

I loved the original Paranormal Activity, and the sequel was good as well.  The third one was kinda scary and it also helped to give a little more back story to what was going on with the whole demon and witch coven thing.

This movie however was just lame.  It kinda had things that the other films had it them, with the whole “Night X,” and then the date and it had a few creepy things happening.


But the jump scares, oh lord the jump scares.  A cat jumping into frame to scare me is not scary.  A girl flopping on her bed to scare me is not scary.  A mom opening the garage door and carrying in groceries is not scary.  A basketball bouncing down the stairs?  Just stupid.  And the thing with the kid riding around on his big wheel just reminded me I could be watching The Shining instead of this thing.

Plus an internet reviewer pointed something out to me that I didn’t even think of.  Why was Katie taken to the hospital in the first place?  We never find out.  Also, when she came back she looked fine.  She didn’t have a place on her arm where they could have put an IV in, she didn’t look lethargic from anesthetics, she didn’t have a hospital ID bracelet on, etc.  So what the heck was she doing at the hospital?  Some clarity would be nice.

Also, the movie is pretty much one big commercial for Apple products and the Xbox Kinect.  Because EVERYONE in this movie has an Apple laptop, or an iPhone, and we are shown people playing Kinect and those weird tracking dots from the Kinect are shown EVERY friggin’ night!

Another thing that bothered me was the fact that these parents have to be the dumbest parents on the planet!  When clearly supernatural activity it shown, they completely ignore it.  It’s almost like they stick their fingers in their ears, closer their eyes and go, “LA LA LA LA LA, I can’t hear you!”  I mean you have to actively TRY in order to be this oblivious to things.


I will admit that the extended version of the film is good and I really enjoyed the extra little tidbits that it had to show us.

Honestly it feels like they just made this film as an afterthought or an attempt to cash in on the franchise.  It doesn’t really add anything to the Paranormal Activity storyline or give us anymore background on what’s happening.  This film should never have been made and they should have just have left the series with three films.

2 Stars

I am so sick and tired of works of fiction using hunting down Nazi war criminals as a plot point.  That war ended 68 years ago!!!  Any surviving criminals would be at LEAST in their 80’s or dead of old age!!!  What are you gonna do to them?  Take these geriatric, senile, decrepit, old guys into a UN court room and have put them on trial when the only eye witnesses to the crimes are ALSO in there 80’s or more than likely DEAD?  Plus they’re so old that you can’t put them in a prison into the general population, they need round the clock medical supervision.  All that you could really do to them is try to make them pay reparations, that is if they don’t die halfway through the trial.  Or put them under house arrest, which won’t matter, they can’t go anywhere anyways!




Okay so our main character Lena tracks down this Nazi war criminal who is so old that he’s in a wheelchair, is covered in age spots, has so many cataracts that he’s practically blind.  Yes, quite a threatening antagonist for her to hunt down isn’t he?


So she starts torturing him by snapping his fingers and he screams out in pain, and NOBODY hears him yelling out.  So is everyone who works at this retirement home deaf?  Then she finds some “secret” documents that are in his desk drawer.  They can’t be too secret, because that’s a pretty crappy hiding place.  Then she demands to know why the Nazi war criminal is funding some guy’s research.  What research?  There was nothing there to indicate any research at all!  All she found was a map and some guy’s driver’s license, there was nothing on those documents mentioning any kind of research!  So he did she jump to the conclusion that there was some kind of research going on and this guy is funding it?


Moving on we find out that Lena is looking for some Nazi guy named Klausner, so she can kill him and then she feels that justice will be done.  Then she teams up with this physicist guy and they go into an active warzone to go find a Nazi superweapon.  Yes, I’m sure that the U.N. just lets people waltz into active warzones  and just pass right by their military checkpoints because the person said, “Oh we’re journalists,” yet they show not one piece of ID to back this up.


Later they run into the Nazi zombies, but instead of actually biting or clawing their victims, these zombies just club their victims to death.  Plus the zombies are wearing Nazi uniforms from the 1940’s and they are perfectly preserved.  No rips, tears, no mud, no blood, nothing.  They are in perfect condition even though they’ve been sitting on rotting corpses for almost 70 years.


Anyway, our two main characters meet up with a U.N. taskforce who is going in to disable the Nazi super weapon that is keeping the zombies invulnerable.  I won’t bore you with the boring parts where the movie tries to give our military red shirts some kind of character development before they are killed.  Eventually they find the weapon and Lena takes the “core” of the weapon out.  Which by the way has some scientist dangling over it like the queen alien was in AVP, only he’s apparently also a Sith Lord because he can also shoot purple lightning out of his fingers.


Eventually our physicist guy steals the weapon, betrays Lena and takes it to the Klausener and tries to sell it to him for like 50 million bucks or something.  Lena then calls him and tells him that he is now on her “list” and she is going to hunt him down.  What exactly is she going to do?  She could barely handle a senile, wheelchair-bound, geriatric guy.  Plus when they were in combat all she did was run away.  I’m not really sure what this little girl playing secret agent is going to do to the physicist.  I mean I see she now has a gun but I doubt she even knows how to use it.




This movie was just stupid!  The plot is dumb, the characters are uninteresting, and the ending was just lame!  If you’re looking for some zombie action, don’t waste your time your money!

1 Star

Here is a review that I did of a short story called “The Sickness: Monte’s Story, by Jeannie Rae.  It had it’s problems but I liked it.  As usual this is cross posted to my Amazon account and my FB page.  Enjoy!


This was a short story that had a pretty basic premise that had been done a few times over in other works but this one made it interesting.


There are a lot of cliché’s in this story, like the main character running into the one person who is carrying the cure of this disease, the main character having a dream they are left behind by everyone else and the zombies get them, the military setting up a blockade and keeping the civilians inside the affected area and threatening to shoot them if they leave.  They’ve all been done before, but this author kept the clichés toned down so he wasn’t bashing us over the head with them.

There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes in the book and they distract from the story.  Plus there are no page numbers which is also annoying to me.

The main character Monte calls one of the soldiers guarding the civilians “Lieutenant Lunatic.”  However I kind of doubt the military has a lieutenant pulling guard duty.  Also when Monte approaches the military blockade at first they point their weapons at her and insist she turn back or they will fire.  But then they let her through with pretty much the following argument:  “Awww, come on please!?!”

On top of that, once she’s in the military encampment, you’d think she’d mention to somebody, “Hey, there was this scientist lady carrying a bag of medical stuff that cured my zombie disease that she dropped like a few miles back.  If you hurry you might be able to secure this cure and save everyone!”  She seriously didn’t think sharing that information would be a good idea?


But all in all the story is good, it has a young woman yearning to leave home and be independent and when she finally does obtain what she wants, it is a double-edged sword.  She is on her own, but all her family is dead.  She is someone you can really root for, the story is engaging and it keeps you interested all the way through.  This is definitely worth checking out.

Here is a review I did of Volume 4 of the Essential Spider-Man.  I liked it and I gave it 4 stars on Amazon.  As always this was first published by myself on Amazon and cross-posted here and to my Facebook page.  Enjoy!

So this is the next volume of the Amazing Spider-Man, it’s significantly better than the previous volume, and it brings Peter Parker and his crew into the 70’s, sounds like fun!


So in this volume we get several of Spidey’s rogue’s gallery showing up again to battle New York’s beloved wall-crawler and he is able to thrash each and every one of them! The Lizard, The Chameleon, The Kingpin, The Prowler, and the Shocker all step up and try to throw down, but our web-slingin’ wonder knocks them all for a loop!

But on the flip side, we have a trio of guest stars in this book who show up to give Spidey a hand! Quicksilver, The Human Torch, and The Black Widow all grace these pages and mix it up with Spidey but also help him to fight crime as well!

Peter uses his fists as well as his brains to fight off his opponents, and he even manages to convince one of the villains, “The Prowler,” to give up a life of crime and go straight. This was a great change of pace from the usual standard of him just beating up criminals and having them slink off to lick their wounds and return later. It’s the true sign of a hero when someone can see a person doing something evil and talk them out of it instead of just beating them to a pulp or condemning them for life.

The stories are very interesting and they keep the reader interested! The ongoing arch with the ancient tablet was very engaging and it had me eager to find out what this tablet did and why everyone wanted it so bad. Also the two issue story arc of the Prowler was cool as well!

One of my complaints is about Robbie Robertson’s son, Randolph. He is just really annoying to read about when he’s talking about “Whitey” and “Living in the white man’s world,” or “the white man’s rules.” I know that when this was published that African Americans were treated very poorly in parts of America and we had the Civil Rights Movement going on. I get it, I really do. But I don’t read Spider-Man to hear about political things, I read it for escapism so I can relax for a bit after a hard day at work or to wind down before bed. If I wanted to hear about political issues I’d watch CNN, or MSNBC or (God forbid), Fox News.

Another complaint is Gwen Stacy. Seriously, what does Peter Parker see in her!?! She’s just annoying and she cries at the drop of a hat. I’m sure that if she was at the supermarket and one of the employees told her they were out of her favorite shampoo she’d probably drop to her knees and start sobbing in the middle of the aisle. Plus she never listens to Peter’s explanations of where he was, or why he can’t meet her for a date.

What’s also strange is that we are shown that Mary Jane cut her hair short so it’s all stylish, but we don’t see her again for like 10 issues and then her hair is back to it’s normal length. So why did they even bother showing her with it short?

The book ends with the return of one my favorite Spider-Man villains of all time, DOC OCK! He is back and is ready to put the hurt on the web-slinger!


Even with the minor complaints I had about this graphic novel, the stories were very good, the artwork was pretty good for the time and it kept me entertained, plus the price was very reasonable. The cliffhanger ending was amazing and now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next volume in the series! I am so glad I picked this one up!

Here is a review of a paperback book “The Legends of Windemere:  Beginning of a Hero” by Charles Yallowitz.  I loved this book and I can’t tell you enough about how great this book was!  I got this book on Wednesday and finished it by Sunday afternoon, it only took five days.  Not because it was short, but because it was that interesting and engaging and I was quickly immersed in this new world and I was eager to explore it!  Enjoy!

I haven’t read many fantasy novels for a while, mostly I’ve been into Sci-Fi, so this was a nice return to the genre for me after my long hiatus!

First of all I want to point out the cover.  The cover has a young evilsh boy with a dog that looks like a German Shepherd and they are in a forest, and the boy has two swords strapped to his hips.  It’s a very simple cover and it does it’s job well.  It makes the reader want to find out more about who this boy is and who his furry companion is.


Okay so we start out with a messenger on a mission to find a hero to protect the heir of a royal family who is studying at a battle academy, only the hero that was chosen was killed in battle right in front of the messenger’s eyes!  Then our hero enters and is chosen by the messenger to be the replacement hero!  We are introduced to young Luke Callindor who stumbles upon the messenger.  The messenger decides that Luke is a good replacement for the original hero and tells him of the mission that he is to undertake.  However the description of heir was lost, so Luke knows that he has to go to the academy and protect the heir but doesn’t know who it is!  On top of that Luke has lied about his exploits and his abilities so he is undertaking a mission that he probably is unqualified for but he has such ambition that he is determined to live up to the legacy that his family has of being heroes!  If that isn’t the set up for a great fantasy novel, I don’t know what is!

Something that I loved about the main character is that Luke comes from a long line of heroes who have done great things and have gone on exciting adventures and everyone holds him up to the standard of his father and his grandfather.  But this bothers Luke because he wants to have his own accomplishments instead of everyone gushing over him because of whose son or grandson he is.

So then Luke and his faithful canine companion Stiletto are off to the academy where Luke has fake papers that allow him to enroll as a student that is sponsored by the heir’s father.  The academy is run by a former mercenary named “Selenia,” who has retired from adventuring and has decided to pass on the wisdom that she has to the next generation of adventurers.

While Luke is at the academy he is forced to keep his true mission a secret so that no one will know that he lied and doesn’t really belong there, and to avoid having someone else take over the mission before he can prove that he can handle missions and show that he is more than just his last name.

When Luke is at  the academy he makes friends of a Halfling named “Nimby,” a carpentry instructor and former master thief.  This was my favorite character of the book, he was silly but had a mysterious background that we slowly learn about as the book unfolds.  Also a gnome illusionist named Fritz who rides a sheep as a mode of transportation.  Fritz is also a huge womanizer who loves to hit on anything that is female and has two legs.  A half-elf priest named “Aedyn” who is scouting the academy for his order who rarely shows emotion.  Last but not least we have a tiny dragon named Fizzle who has a hard time with our language so he sounds as if he is a child when he is far wiser than he seems to everyone else and is a wielder of potent magic!

Our villain is a Lich, an undead wizard who has summoned a demon from the depths of this world’s version of Hell that is called a “Hellfire Elf” in order to do his dirty work of finding the heir, slay them and destroy Luke as well.


The characters all have their roles to play in this book and they all contribute in their own unique ways and you will enjoy reading about the personal growth that they all go through during the course of the book.

If you want to know what happens with Luke and his companions you will have to read the book because I can’t do it justice by just summarizing it here with this post.

You have GOT to check this one out!