Walking Dead Descent

This review marks my 600th review since I started reviewing things on Amazon’s website.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

I love the story of Walking Dead, I really do! I started reading the comics from the beginning, and I have watched every episode of the show and I’ve read all the novels as well. I’ve enjoyed them all and always look forward to a new installment of the show, comic or novels.

The previous novels were all about Lily and the Governor and the town and community of Woodbury as a whole. The characters were interesting and had great motivations and it was very easy to like the characters and the story.

However this novel was just a little lacking.


The novel started out pretty well with Lily and Bob working to help the people of Woodbury and them scavenging for supplies and it even had a funny little part where the scavenging team found a bunch of wild marijuana growing and they enjoyed it. I’ll admit that did make me laugh and put a smile on my face. The story also shows us that Bob discovers some old tunnels in the area that are part of the old Underground Railroad system. Now that was really cool!

Something that made me think these people weren’t thinking clearly was when they decided to set that huge fire to try and detour the super herd of zombies from the town and it didn’t work. In my head I was thinking, “Okay it’s bad enough that you have this big herd of zombies coming toward the town, but why would you set that big fire? That’s just going to make that big herd still be coming toward the town, but they’ll also be on fire!” How is that going to be any better? Why not just get like 4 or 5 guys in cars, and have them crank the radios and whoop and holler and drive in front of the zombies and lead them away from the town and then just double back? That seems like it would work better and cause less collateral damage.

But where the book took a dive and became predictable was when the group ran across a group of holy rollers and they are lead by a slimey preacher who is too eager to help out and is constantly making speeches and is always carrying around these mysterious duffel bags that no one knows what is inside. Already I knew where this was going to lead. I knew that he was going to try and take over and I knew that this was going to cause friction in Woodbury and cause people to fight with one another about this issue.

When it was revealed what the preacher’s plan was, I just rolled my eyes because it was just a rip off of the real life events that happened in Jonestown. Plus the book itself also pointed out some out something that didn’t make sense in it. If you’re planning on killing everyone in town by poison, why would you need to blow up a section of the town wall in order to let the zombies in so they can kill everyone? They’re all going to be dead already. Isn’t that kind of redundant?

Plus, Lily’s boyfriend, Calvin, did things that just didn’t make sense. His wife was only dead for maybe a few days and already he’s hopping into bed with Lily. Sure his wife was nuts but wouldn’t you want to wait a bit? Maybe mourn a little bit? Let the kids get used to mom being dead before you hook up with someone else?

Overall the book was predictable, I saw the Calvin and Lily romance coming a mile away and I knew that the preacher character was nuts and was going to try and pull a Jim Jones as soon as we were introduced to him.


I really love this series but this one was just not up to snuff. I’ve come to expect more from the Walking Dead series and some of this one’s characters were just less than spectacular. The characters of Lily and Bob were good as always and some of the side characters from Woodbury were interesting as well and the story overall is worth reading if you’re a fan of the Walking Dead. But there are just better books in this series.