I will admit that today was my first time seeing this movie. I got it on DVD from the library and even though this movie came out 30 years ago, I wanted to give my thoughts on it.


Right off the bat I have to wonder about Supergirl’s outfit. I mean I know that her costume is based on Superman’s, but that’s the thing, she’s never seen his costume before. So how would she know what it looks like in order to make hers similar to his costume? I guess it’s just a minor complaint and I can overlook it. Speaking of clothes, does Supergirl have clothes changing powers? In every other scene she’s changing her clothes just by flying or walking behind something. I have to admit that she’s never done that in any comic I’ve ever read.

When she gets to Earth, it looks like she is flying in front of stock footage from the archives of National Geographic. It’s really bad, and you can tell that it’s fake right away.

Another thing I wonder about, why does Selena need this orb thing anyway? I’m serious, she seems to have all her magic powers without even using the thing. I admit it does seem like it LOOKS cool and powerful, but she seems to already be powerful without it. I don’t know, maybe it’s an ego thing.

Moving along, after she gets out of the Phantom Zone and the floor is collapsing under her feet, why doesn’t she just fly up into the air? Did she forget she could fly? Well eventually she does defeat Selena and she frees her friends. And she asks them to not tell anyone she was here. Why!?! She doesn’t have any enemies on Earth no one knows who she is, and no one can hurt them because they know her. Also Lucy tells her that she’ll tell everyone that Linda had to go. But again I ask, Why!?! No one knew who she was anyways! Who is going to miss her?

And finally I have to ask, why does Selena want this Ethan guy so bad anyway? I mean he’s just one guy and he’s not even that good looking. Plus when she finally does get him under her spell, she doesn’t even seem to want him there. She smacks him around, orders him about and doesn’t even really look at him. So why did she want him in the first place? Did she just want him because Supergirl had him? I’m guessing that’s probably why.


All in all, the movie is pretty campy by today’s standards, and the story is kinda lame, but I will admit that I liked seeing a female super hero. It was probably good when it first came out, but it does not age well.

2 Stars