The other day I finally watched the movie, “Divergent.”  It was better than I thought it would be.  Below is my review of the movie that I posted on Amazon.

So here we have yet another movie that has an evil person or group who is trying to take over the world, or whatever is left of it, and the only one who can stop them is a couple of super attractive teenagers with impeccable hair and make up. And yes if you are thinking that this is basically the plot of the Hunger Games with a few changes made, then you are absolutely right.

It’s also like a lot of other teen movies in the fashion that this incredibly powerful evil person can only be stopped by a couple of teenagers. Also there is their version of the “Reaping,” from the Hunger Games and the “Sorting Hat” ceremony from Harry Potter. Also just like in those other movies, being sorted or reaped doesn’t matter because you can just ask to be put in a faction. Just like Harry asked to be put into Griffindor and Katniss volunteered to be tribute for the games.

And speaking of these 5 factions, what teenager in their right mind would choose any faction other than Dauntless? I mean if any teenager had the choice between the 5 of these groups they would see these guys and think they are the coolest thing ever and instantly want to join. I mean seriously, what teenager in their right mind would want to be a farmer? Or live a life of what is basically suffering to help others? The others are what I can only describe as brainiacs and paper-pushers.

Not to mention that during this ceremony, they are only using one knife to cut the hand of every teenager there. One kid with any kind of disease like Hepatitis, and they are all screwed.

The story itself is kinda interesting and it does keep you watching, but it does have it’s3 flaws. For example, every five minutes someone is talking about, their rankings and how their rankings will effect them or how if they don’t get good rankings, they will be cut out of Dauntless. I will admit that Beatrice is a much more interesting main character than Katniss ever was and she does actually have some good motivations.

If you have time to kill and can find a copy of this, it’s worth watching.

3 Stars