Zombie Autopsies
I love zombie novels and zombie books that are written in journal format, but I feel like this book was severely lacking.


First of all, there’s no story to this at all. The author TRIED to have an underlying story about these characters trying to research the zombie disease and a cure for it. However the characters are bland and one dimensional and they don’t really progress at all, unless you count their progression toward becoming members of the living dead. I was more interested in this place called, “The Crypt” they were working in and the events that lead up to the unleashing of this virus and the use of nuclear weapons to destroy the zombies. I really didn’t care about these lame characters.

I will admit that the author did know a lot about medicine and lots about the human body and how it works and about autopsies. I’m not for one second saying he isn’t a good medical professional. But his writing skills leave a lot to be desired.


The book is just uninteresting and the story is practically non-existent. The author gets additional star for the book because he does know a lot about medicine and autopsies, but that’s not enough to make the book interesting. If you are looking for the next “Zombie Survival Guide,” you can safely skip this one.

2 Stars