Dead Drunk

You know that one friend that everyone has that talks about how wasted they got and brags about how much they drank last night and how they hit on women and about the fight they had? Imagine if that guy decided that his drunken exploits had to be written down and published in book format. That’s what this book is like.


So the book is about a bachelor party where a bunch of guys complain and whine about how they were studs and star athletes in college but now that they have entered the real world, they are just a bunch of drunken losers who are constantly broke, and they are despised by women and have crappy jobs. They just drink constantly, and keep hitting on women to the point where they are almost harassing and molesting them.

About 25% of the way in the author decides to throw zombies in the book and that is where I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided I was done. I don’t read books to hear about guys whining about how they are losers who were big shots in college and high school but couldn’t make it in the real world. I also don’t wanna hear about people bragging about how wasted they got and about their drunken bar crawl. I want to hear a story and have some escapism. This book delivered none of that. Plus the characters barely have any defining characteristics other than their jobs they have. Other than that they are just a bunch of cardboard cutouts.


This book is just terrible and a waste of time and space on my Kindle. Pass this one by.