I always knew that Twitter was making people brainless, and this story just helped my argument.


This book was difficult to enjoy. The main character (Ven), is too narcissistic for my tastes. The first part of the book is mainly her bragging about how great of a hacker she is and how great her skills are. Also the author spends way too much time talking about this botnet and how it works and how the internet works and how complex it is. Not to mention that Ven. is directly responsible for the zombie apocalypse but she doesn’t seem to care, she’s more worried about making sure that she has all her hair relaxers and the right shoes with her as she is leaving home. She also barely spends anytime at all mourning the loss of her husband who was killed when he turned into a zombie, and she doesn’t really feel bad about causing the apocalypse until the very end of the book. So as I said earlier, it’s hard to like this character.

Plus some of the logistics of this story don’t make sense. She spends days upon days glued to her computer screen, yet she has a 3 month old infant in the house that she only feeds when she can pull herself away from her computer screen. Yet the baby and her dog seem pretty well fed and in perfect health. Speaking of her dog, this dog (Boscoe) seems to be able to hold its bowels and bladder for days on end. A little unrealistic.


This book is just not very good. The plot doesn’t really advance, the characters are uninteresting, and the protagonist is just someone that is just annoying and is totally unlikable.

Maybe you might like this story, but I didn’t.

1 Star