Fall of the Governor Part 1

I’ve been a huge fan of the Walking Dead since it first came out in comic book form in 2003. I’ve loved the comics, the show, the video games and the last two novels were pretty awesome as well. However this one was disappointing.

I bought this book thinking it was the last book in the series, but I was disappointed to find out that it was only part 1 of the Fall of the Governor. Kirkman split it up into two books and that just irks me. It’s just a gimmick to stretch the series out and get more of our money. But of course like a sucker I’m going to buy the next one in the series because I am a completest who likes to finish a series once he’s started it. But I’m not happy about it.


The character of Lily has evolved into someone that I am just annoyed by. When she first came to Woodbury, she saw right through the Governor’s lies and knew he was a sociopath and was doing what she could to escape his clutches. Yet in this book she’s drank his Kool-Aid and now thinks he is the greatest leader that ever lived. What gives!?! That’s a pretty big leap from one way of thinking to the complete opposite.

Also I know from the comics that Michonne really messed up the Governor and got her revenge against him for all the stuff he did to her. But I honestly didn’t need to know each individual horrible torturous act she performed on him. I really think Kirkman went way too far on this one and tried too hard to shock us with Michonne’s actions.


The story honestly wasn’t bad and I did enjoy reading it, but it took some really strange and dark turns. But it’s still worth reading if you’ve read the other books in the series.

3 Stars