Family of the Tri Rune

So this review marks my 400th review since I began my reviewing career.  I wanted to do something really special for this milestone, so I decided to go with a volume from one of my favorite fantasy franchises.  I have always loved the Legends of Windemere series by Charles Yallowtiz and this story did not disappoint me one bit!


If you get a chance I recommend you check his books out on Amazon, they are all very reasonably priced and they will certainly keep your interest piqued from start to finish!  So here’s my review that I posted to Amazon –


I really am loving this series! The author really knows how to introduce new characters and how to develop the existing characters and make us find new reasons to find them more and more intriguing!




Our heroes of Luke, Nyx and Sari are back and are once again thrust into the spotlight of the ongoing battles that will decide the future of Windemere. There is a new breed of creatures called “Krypters” that are specially made in order to hunt down and destroy Nyx, all while devouring her magical essence in order to make it work for the Lich (Tyler) and his master, the Baron!


However this book isn’t all just about combat, even though the author does an amazing job making the battles epic and engaging. We also find out more about the history of Sari, and well as seeing her reunited with a lost member of her slain gypsy clan. Together they are trying to hunt down magical items in order to seek their revenge on those who destroyed their clan.


Meanwhile we are also shown character development about the character of Nyx. Now she is also another of my favorite characters! I love how dynamic she is and how she seems to be able to adapt to any situation and defeat her enemies, not only through magic, but also through her intelligence and cunning! We are shown about her missing family and that was just awesome to see that part of her history revealed.


The story ends with our heroes returning to the academy that Luke began his adventures at. The ending of the story leaves us with a big cliffhanger and has me eager to read the next book in the series!




I loved that the author decided to focus on the two female leads and develops their characters beautifully! If you enjoyed the earlier books in the series, you will truly love this installment of Windemere! Check it out!


5 Stars


Thank you to everyone who reads my reviews and comments on my reviews both here on Word Press and also on Amazon.  I plan on writing reviews for many years to come and I plan on sticking with this author’s work for as long as he keeps writing! 🙂