I picked this book up at my local library because the description made it sound a lot like Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide.

I will admit that there are similarities but this book also has a few things that make it different. We have several tips about how to fight zombies and how to survive in several different types of terrain. Also after every chapter there are little recipes and activities that you can do to sort of simulate something that was discussed in the chapter that you just read.

There is no story in the book that shows that zombies have taken over the world so if you are looking for an actual story, you should look elsewhere.

All in all the book is kinda interesting and it’s a quick read. If you have kids who are into zombies then I recommend this as a way to keep them busy with activities and also teach them about zombie fiction at the same time. However if you are an adult and looking for a gem like the Zombie Survival Guide, then you should look elsewhere.


3 Stars