This is a book that I downloaded for free one night and honestly I don’t usually expect too much from free kindle books, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one!


This story is one that has been done many times before. Zombies rise and start to grow at an exponential rate. However this is a new take on the story that I really haven’t seen before. It’s in the very first few days of the outbreak and the zombies haven’t really become large enough to utterly destroy humanity. There are enough of them wandering around outside to be a threat and people are scared and have barricaded themselves in their homes and are terrified to go outside.

We have a few characters we follow and we are shown that some of them may have been bad people before, i.e. they were in a prison, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change and care about others. We are also shown that some who may have been good people in their regular lives, can become monsters when the rules and restrictions of society are suddenly stripped away.


This story was very good and I was really glad that I read it! The characters are well developed and they are very interesting. Anyone who likes zombie literature will really enjoy this one. The only thing about the story that I didn’t like was that there was not a lot of zombie on human action. However it’s also good to see that because the zombies are used as a plot device to start these characters on an amazing journey. Also the author doesn’t rely too heavily on gore and violence to flesh out their book and that is refreshing to see in this genre.

If you like zombie books, you have got to check this one out!

4 ½ stars!