Spidey Loves MJ Vol 4

I love the character of Mary Jane! In my opinion she and Peter Parker were made for each other, I don’t care what Joe Quesada says, they should be together.

This book really showed what it was like to see stories about the background characters of Peter’s high school and get a look into their lives and what makes them tick. It was really cool to see that Flash Thompson wasn’t a total jerk and was willing to make sacrifices in order to help out his family. Also we are shown just how much Liz Allen really cares for Flash and how far she is willing to go in order to keep her man.

The only downside of this book is that we have Felicia Hardy in this book and she seems like she just loves to break up couples just because she got a kick out of it, not because she actually wanted the guy. Plus we never saw her in her costume, she was just there to cause drama.

Spidey was there and was with FIrestar and we have Iceman show up at the end so we have a little homage to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

All in all it was a good comic and I’m glad I found this at my local library.

Check it out!

4 Stars