X-Men Second Coming

I picked this up at my local library because I heard it was a good follow up to the Messiah Complex storyline, and frankly it didn’t disappoint me one bit!


The story starts off with a bang with Cable and the young mutant Hope coming back to our present timeline and instantly being hunted by the different human groups who want to wipe out the mutants. But the X-Men also know they are back as well and instantly dispatch teams to try and save them.

Eventually the teams find Hope and Cable and bring them back to Utopia, but at the cost of several mutant lives, Nightcrawler being one of them. Sure he dies but don’t worry, he got better. Then the mutants are all imprisoned in Utopia by a force field and their teleporters are all dead so they can’t escape. Then portals open inside the force field and advanced sentinels from the future start teleporting in every 5 minutes to try to kill all the mutants. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four show up to try and destroy the force field so they can get in and help, but it’s to no avail.

The X-Men eventually send a team (X-Force), into the future to destroy the sentinels at the source so they are stopped. Hope’s powers fully manifest and she utterly destroys the sentinels in our present timeline and X-Force returns from the future but Cable is killed when he comes back through the portal.

The story ends with a teaser showing that Hope may have the Phoenix inside her, and new mutants are manifesting all over the world, thus starting the possibilities for new X-Men and new storylines.


Cable has never been one of my favorite characters in the X-Men books because he was always just a big guy with big muscles and big guns with some vague mention of being a psychic/telekinetic. But this story really made him interesting and have a human side that people can relate to. He is being a father to this girl and has helped raise her from a child to a young woman. He has compassion and is actually likeable.

The rest of the X-Men are also interesting and you actually feel sad when one of them is injured. Not to mention it was awesome to see that Paige Guthrie from Generation X was briefly in this comic as well. I loved her in that series when I was a teenager!

The story was great and belongs in any Marvel fan’s collection. Check it out!\

5 Stars!