All Cheerleaders Die

This has to be one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen!


This movie had little to no plot. It mainly relied on having somewhat attractive women in skimpy outfits running around on screen and occasionally acting slutty.with guys they claimed to hate and want revenge on.

So some cheerleaders decide they are going to a party and they have their boyfriends come too. At the party two of the cheerleaders decide they want to date each other rather than their boyfriends. Then when they break the news to one of the guys, they throw it in his face, tease him, belittle him, insult him and say his manhood his small. Now they already knew he had a short temper, and that he was violent and loved inflicting pain on others on the football field. So what do you think he did to her? Yep, he belted her in the face so hard it knocked her on her ass like she got hit by a freight train.

Sweetie, what did you think was going to happen? He’s twice your size, is like 200 pounds of pure muscle and has a real short temper. Not to mention you knew he was violent, border-line psychotic, and solves most of his disagreements with his teammates with physical violence. Now it’s NEVER okay to hit a woman, but use your head woman! Don’t poke the bear!

Moving on, then the girls are all killed in a car crash and they are then resurrected by the local Wicca girl and they all gain super strength and drink blood to keep their strength up. The main football guy figures out something is wrong as his buddies are being killed off by the girls. So he finds them and starts stealing their strength. But he is eventually killed and one of the cheerleaders is brought back to life and we are shown that this was only part one of a series.


This movie was just horrible! The acting was awful, the dialogue was terrible, and there is nothing that will make me want to watch this again or see the next movie in the series.

I advise everyone to avoid this movie at all costs!