This comic was pretty good, but it lacked a certain something in order to make it awesome.


Now really I did like all the fighting and I liked that we had a lot of different X-Men being dispatched to different corners of the world to deal with threats of old sentinels suddenly coming online after a mutant attacked a conference of the world leaders.

However the idea that four 12 year old kids would be able to infiltrate and take over the Hellfire Club and become essentially trillionaires is a little ridiculous. Also the idea that they could make a sentinel from the contents of a suitcase was also a little hard to believe, even for a comic book.

Also at one point Magneto calls himself, “A walking magnet.” Magneto would never talk like this or call himself that. Whoever wrote this needs to read some of the classic comics he was in to get an idea of how Magneto talks and how he views his powers.

Plus why do the X-Men keep attacking their enemies in these situations one at a time instead of all attacking at once? I mean sure these kids are able to attack and take out the X-Men one at a time, but how easy of a time would they have it if Emma Frost was attacking telepathically while Wolverine was attacking in a beserker rage with his claws while Cyclops was blasting with his optic beams while Magneto was attacking by throwing a car, while Storm is blasting with lightning bolts all at the same target at the same time, how easily could the enemy defend him or herself? But no instead they all wait their turn and attack one at a time like they are in a Final Fantasy game.

Then in the end we have Cyclops staying in California while Wolverine heads back to Westchester, NY in order to restart Xavier’s original school. However why did we need scenes of caveman versions of the X-Men fighting each other and taking sides and then going their separate ways? Seriously, what did that add to the story other than seeing various female X-Men in different skimpy outfits?


So it’s okay and I guess this is a good jumping on point for anyone who doesn’t read the comic to start reading it. Check it out if you have the chance.

3 Stars