Day of the Atom

This is an okay X-Men comic. I haven’t read many X-Men comics in the past few years so I’m not really sure who some of these characters are but the story is pretty good. I did like that we had some classic characters mixing with new ones and going up against new and old villains.

Although I do have to wonder why the writers keep trying to put old villains onto X-Teams instead of just keeping them as villains. I mean Juggernaut was a good villain, why try to reform him? I thought he was good the way he was. Plus seeing Nocturne show up from the Exiles was neat as well.

But having a holiday special at the end of the book was kinda lame. I would have rather had a teaser for the next story arc rather than see a snowball fight and Beast dressed as Santa Claus.

All in all it’s an okay book and worth reading.


3 Stars