Manifest Destiny


Okay so we have three main stories in this book.


One with Wolverine taking out a Chinese crime syndicate called “The Black Dragon,” and he has to take out their main guns. All of them use martial arts and some types of mystical fighting as well. He ends up beating them all and becoming the new leader of the crime syndicate in the city and being a force for good instead of evil.

Another story has Nightcrawler coming across a boy who was cursed by a gypsy to become this horrible demon looking creature who is hated and hunted by the people in the small town he lives near. It turns out that Kurt can identify with the boy because he was treated the same as this boy was when he was younger. Yet the boy kills himself and Mephisto claims his soul and tries to convince Nightcrawler to join him but Kurt refuses and instead reflects on how much he has learned in his life and how much he has grown.

The third story has Iceman and Mystique fighting back and forth about her messed up interest in Iceman. She does end up helping him regain his lost powers and also have more control of them than he ever did before.


So the stories were all really good and the artwork was amazing! The only downside of the story is that it’s titled, “X-Men: Manifest Destiny,” but there are only three of them in this book, so the title is a little misleading for the reader.

Check it out!