Star Wars Yavin

I’ve always been interested in what happened a few days after the Battle of Yavin and this helped fill in the blanks very nicely! Plus it had my favorite character Wedge in it for a lot of the story.


So we are shown there is a spy in Leia’s inner circle of rebels and it may compromise the whole Rebellion and cost Leia her closest friends. Leia acquires some new snubfighters and they search for a new rebel base as Yavin is no longer safe from the Empire.

Luke seems to be hooking up with some new chick who makes Leia instantly jealous but she won’t admit it to anyone even herself until Mon Motha calls her out on it. Han and Chewie try and find a weapons dealer to get some new weapons for the Rebellion but he is double crossed and is forced into hiding in the lower levels of Coruscant.

The highlight of the story for me was when a few ships are able to out maneuver and destroy an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer.


The artwork for this comic was amazing! And the story was really good as well! I really recommend this for any fans of the Star Wars genre.


4 Stars