The Dark Side

This is not the Qui-Gon Jinn I know and love. It has Qui-Gon getting angry and losing his temper and acting nothing like the Jedi I have read about over the years.

This is basically just someone who took a planet from Knights of the Old Republic, (Telos), and a character from the Jedi Apprentice series, (Xanatos), and Qui-Gon thrown in there for some good measure. The story isn’t even that interesting and the artwork is just okay, nothing special.

Frankly I don’t even see why this was written. I already knew that Xanatos was a psycho and that he had fallen to the Dark Side, and I already knew from other sources that Telos had problems throughout it’s history and distrusted off-worlders. I didn’t need this graphic novel to remind me of this.

Don’t bother reading this.


1 Star