Murdered Soul Suspect


So I found this game in the Redbox today and I picked it up because the cover looked awesome and the summary of the game sounded pretty cool! A cop who was murdered in Salem Massachusetts has to find his own killer even though he’s a ghost, sounds fun to me!


The town of Salem Massachusetts has been used many times in fiction because of the witch trials that happened there that sent innocent people to their deaths. Well here we have a killer who is going around murdering people who would be considered modern day “witches” because they can talk to the dead, i.e. they are mediums.

The people of the city and the police are scared and who wouldn’t be? These innocent young women are being brutally murdered on the city streets and in places that most of us would consider to be safe public places.

Our hero is Ronan who was killed and is so determined that he cannot pass on until he finds his killer. He searches the city with the help of his medium sidekick, Joy, who is looking for her missing mother who is also a medium. Together they help several lost souls pass on to the afterlife and help them find peace with how they died.

The ending is amazing and you won’t see the ending coming at all! I’m serious, I thought I had the ending called, but I was totally wrong! If you wanna know who the killer is, you’ll just have to play the game!


The game itself is pretty good at building a creepy atmosphere. I was tense through the whole game and I will admit I was a little scared that something was going to jump out and scare me at any second. There were a few times that demons do pop out and they are pretty scary looking but you get used to them. However that scream they do when they appear or when they attack gets me every time!

The control is pretty good and you can easily move around in the game and interact with your environment without any trouble. You can’t pick anything up or move anything so you don’t have to worry about an inventory or keeping items memorized that you have. What would be helpful though, is a map screen! That would have made things a lot easier!

The graphics in the game are pretty impressive and they do make you feel like you are in a modern city that is being plagued by a serial killer and it’s citizens are terrified for their safety. Also there is just enough of old Salem thrown in to make you realize the game is also taking the witch trials into consideration for it’s storyline.

Where the game is disappointing is that the game only takes about 9 hours start to finish. That’s it, 9 hours of game play for 50 bucks. So you basically get one day of gaming in for your investment. The only real thing that would make me want to play the game again would be to go back and get all the little items to complete collections in order to get achievements and get the side stories. Which honestly if I went online and looked up where they all were on a walk through, I could add maybe 20-30 minutes to the game.

So all in all the game is fun, it keeps you glued to your console, and on the edge of your seat. However the price is unrealistic and the game is too short to make it worth paying 50 bucks for. I’d say this is definitely a game that you rent, not buy.

Check it out!


4 Stars