Secret Invasion The Initiative

I picked up a copy of this at the library and frankly it was really just okay, nothing too special.

I mean I thought Ant Man’s antics were okay, and I liked the fact that one of the Skrulls sent to Earth as a sleeper agent had gone native and loved Earth more than he did his Skrull home world. That part was pretty cool. The artwork was also just okay and nothing special.

Where I felt the book was disappointing was the fact that we didn’t see hardly any of the big guns of the Marvel universe. These were all just no name super heroes who were spread across the country as part of Tony Stark’s Initiative that gave each state their own group of Avengers. I mean seriously, Thor Girl? 3-D Man? Ultra Girl? The Skrull Killer Krew? Yeah that’s what you really wanna read about when you pick up a Marvel event comic, characters that maybe showed up in one or two issues like 15 years ago.

The only reason I would recommend this is if you want to get all of the Secret Invasion books. Otherwise you can skip this one.


2 Stars