Ultimate Avengers 2nd Generation

I admit I love the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, but I only read about the Ultimates/Avengers when they showed up in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. So I don’t really know much about them, but I will admit what I did read about them wasn’t bad.

However this comic was just okay.


So apparently Captain America had a kid before WW2 was over and he inherited all of Captain America’s powers, but he was even better than his father was. Okay I can get behind that, I’ll admit that even though Captain America is pretty much a saint, he’s human and I’m sure he wanted to have sex with his girlfriend just like all guys do.

But then his kid goes crazy and kills a ton of people, and then peels the skin off his face and dubs himself the new Red Skull and he wants to get his hands on the Cosmic Cube. What’s his motivation? Why he wants to use the cube to go back in time and let his father come home and marry his mother so they can all be one big happy family.

Really? That’s his motivation? He’s a psychopath who just wants to be with his mommy and daddy?

That killed the story for me.


The artwork is okay, the story is okay, the villain’s motivation is just stupid, the fact that we have “Nerd Hulk,” in the story is just idiotic. Plus we barely get any scenes of Cap using his shield in combat, and Iron Man isn’t even in this comic even though he’s on the cover.

It’s just okay, and you can skip it but check it out if you want to read something in the Ultimate storyline.


3 Stars