Okay, so the trailers for this movie make it look friggin’ awesome! It looks like we have two brothers, one who is trying to live a normal life and one who is into underground fighting for profit. The fighter gets into trouble and the hard working brother has to take the law into his own hands and go and save him. That’s kinda what happens but it’s so boring and takes so long that you’ll lost interest in it before you get to any action.



Plus you really mean to tell me that this cop is actually telling this guy that the police won’t go after this group of rednecks because they are too pyscho and violent? If that’s the case, you call in the state troopers or if that doesn’t work the, the case is a murder, therefore it’ll pop up on the FBI’s radar so you could probably call them in to help you.

Not to mention that at the end when we FINALLY get some sort of climax, Christian Bale’s character has a rifle trained on his brother’s killer and the one cop in town is watching while he does this, and just tells him not to do it. Okay look, if someone is pointing a gun at someone else, I’m pretty sure that a cop has the authorization to shoot that person in order to keep the other person safe.



This movie had Casey Affleck, Christian Bale, and Woody Harrelson in it. But even that cast of talented individuals couldn’t save this movie and make it enjoyable. And frankly after watching it, I’m not surprised that it bombed at the box office.

Don’t waste your time or your money, don’t buy this and don’t even rent it for a dollar at the Redbox. Go watch a good movie instead.


1 Star