There’s not much much I can say about this comic that hasn’t already been said in other reviews. This marked Stan Lee’s end as the writer of Spider-Man and it introduced new writers to the comic.

The villains that are shown are The Green Goblin, Gibbon (He was a little boring), The Beetle, the introduction of Morbius, and the return of Hammer Head and Doc Ock. We also get a guest appearance by Ice Man from the X-Men!

The stories are pretty good and we get shown that Gwen Stacy finally stands up to Aunt May and insists that she stop treating Peter like a child and treat him like a man instead. We also are shown how Peter uses his brains instead of just his fists to beat his rogue’s gallery. Also we get to see Spidey taking on thugs and street level crimanls while he is on patrol.

All in all it was a good comic!

5 Stars