I watched this last night and I could not have been more disappointed in this awful attempt at a horror movie. I really like Iain De Caestecker in Agents of SHIELD, but even he couldn’t make this movie interesting to me.




So something happened at a pub. Want to know what happened? Sorry, we never find out. Then we have our two main characters, Tom and Lucy driving around the countryside looking for a hotel they have reservations at. They are being chased and tormented by some unnamed psycho that is moving signs around to keep them lost.


Then they pick up some wounded guy named Max, and right away I knew this guy wasn’t on the up and up. His forehead is cut and he is bleeding like crazy and insisting that he was attacked. Later we find out that he was the guy who was doing everything.


Okay so how did he manage to get ahead of them and switch the signs around every time they came up at a crossroads? Was he teleporting around the woods? Also how did he manage to cut this tree down without them hearing it? Did he have a chainsaw that was completely silent? Plus what happened to Tom? He just left the car and suddenly he was gone with no explanation of what happened to him.


Then Lucy is back in the car and finally finds the hotel they’ve been trying to find. Turns out it is completely run down and has broken down cars everywhere around it that shows us that this Max guy has been doing this for a LOOOOONNNNG time to unsuspecting travelers. Why can’t we know about that!?! That sounds much more interesting than following these two boring characters around! I’d love to know Max’s story and about this run down hotel!


And the ending? Lucy manages to find the main road again. How did she do this? Sorry, we never find out. Then she sees that Max is in the middle of the road and taunting her to hit him. She guns the engine and races towards him and just as she is about to hit him, we cut to black and the credits roll.


Really!?! You pulled a Sopranos on us!?! We don’t even get to see if she actually hit him or if it was a trap!?! What a gyp!




The story was just lame and uninteresting. The whole time I was playing with my dog, checking my phone and surfing the web. The story wasn’t engaging at all and was just boring. The only good thing about the movie was the soundtrack. The music was actually good and helped to build atmosphere, but the story failed to deliver and music can only do so much to carry a movie.


Give this one a pass.


1 Star