I picked up this older Star Wars book to see if it could compare to the books of today. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad.




So there are a bunch of droids that are tampered with and they can be set to explode at anytime and put countless lives at stake at any second. That’s actually a pretty good idea for a story set in the Star Wars universe, but the way it is executed is just kinda lackluster.


There is an explosion at the Senate Hall where a bunch of droids are detonated and they kill many people but Leia survives. Yet she is running through the halls all by herself after the attack. No guards are with her? The New Republic Senate Hall doesn’t have any security at all? That’s kinda strange.


Han takes off to his old stomping grounds to get information about what’s going on and Lando follows him and gets in trouble. For like 100 pages of the book Lando is in what I can only describe as a James Bond villain trap, where he has to tread water or he will drown and die. Yeah that’s real interesting to read about, a guy treading water.


Luke is up against one of his old students that fell to the dark side and wants revenge and to be the only “Jedi” left in the galaxy after he kills Luke, Leia and her children. Yet for some reason he seems to think that Luke’s students on Yavin aren’t really Jedi.


So the climax of the story is where Han shows up with some Ylsamari so the former student can’t use the Force and the student is defeated. That’s about it. There is also a part in the story where the phrase, “bowling ball shaped,” is used. A bowling ball isn’t something that should be referenced in a Star Wars novel.




This story hasn’t aged well at all. The concept is interesting, but how it is presented to the reader is just boring and isn’t enough to make me want to seek out more of this author’s work.


Give this one a pass


2 Stars