I really love Genshiken, I really do. However the quality of the books has really just gone downhill over time.


The characters that are new to the series just aren’t that interesting and their topics of conversation just aren’t as interesting as the original cast’s conversations were. Where as Tanaka, Madarame and Sasahara would talk about anime and manga and games, this new group just seems obsessed with Hato and his/her cross-dressing. Seriously, its like all they talk about in the book.

It was nice to see Ohno again and Madarame and his secret love with Saki revisited briefly. Those scenes and the ones with Ogiue and the ones with Sue are the only things that kept my interest during this book. Other than that, the book really isn’t that interesting.

I could really care less about Hato and his/her cross-dressing and what influenced his drawing style, because honestly it’s not advancing the plot or telling us any new stories.


Unless you are a super big fan of Genshiken like me, you may not like this one very much.


3 Stars