I’m plugging along at a good pace with these books and so far they aren’t disappointing me one bit!


So the members of Genshiken return to a place where they are truly in their element, COMICFEST!!! They all get together and head to the summer comicfest to get all the comics they want and cosplay until they can’t cosplay anymore! 🙂

The story also shows the return of the character, Angela, from America. It was cool to see her again, but she has a hidden agenda in this issue. She is trying to hook up with Madarame, but Hato and Sue manage to thwart her plans and show her what she is doing is wrong.

We also get to see more into the psyche of Hato and find out more about why he cross-dresses and why he loves that lifestyle.


All in all it was a great issue and it showed the return of some of my favorite characters such as Tanaka and Madarame, Any fan of Genshiken will love this issue! Check it out!

5 Stars