This has to easily be the best Slender Man story that has ever been written! I mean it! It’s easily on par with the Marble Hornets story that is on YouTube. Any fan of the Slender Man genre will enjoy reading this and it’s a great addition to any horror/Slender Man fan’s library!

There are only a few minor complaints about this book that kept it from being 5 stars. First of all there are a few spelling and grammatical errors sprinkled throughout the book that a proofreader or an editor would have helped to catch. The next part is spoilery for the ending so here are my spoiler tags.


The creatures that people become when they are obsessed with Slender Man turn into just sound kinda silly. They don’t really fit into the continuity of Slender Man, but I can understand why the author would want to expand on the mythos of the genre.

The last thing I didn’t like was that at the very end we find out that there are more than just one Slender Man, there are many. In my eyes there is only one Slender Man and he can never be defeated, only temporarily escaped from.


Even with these minor issues the book is really gripping and is an incredible story! Check it out!

4 Stars