I’ve been getting into the Slender Man craze lately and this came up in a search so I had to check it out since it was very cheap and seemed to have middle of the road reviews.

At first it seemed kinda cheesy like the author was trying too hard to establish that these characters were scared. But I quickly found myself liking the detective who was investigating the Slender Man appearances and rooting for him. It was also a little silly to see him running through the woods picking up pieces of paper, just like you do in the Slender Man game, “Slender.”

The author is excellent at creating an atmosphere of creepiness and also really captured what it meant for a person to be scared and feel like someone is always watching them or is coming to get them. Also it reminded me of other horror genres where the main character is so deep into what is going on that he knows he is in danger, but he just has to know what’s going on because it’s just eating them up inside.

The only thing I didn’t like about the story is that it is too short and there doesn’t seem to be a sequel out yet. Also 1/3 of the kindle version is exerts from other stories the author is writing that I really had no interest in.

If you like the Slender Man or have the “Slender Sickness,” you’ll really enjoy this one!

4 Stars