I love zombie books that are written in the format of a journal. They really give a personal touch to the story and it makes it feel more alive to me!


Okay, this book started off beautifully! We have a girl named Jannie who is writing a journal for her high school creative writing class or English class or something. I can’t remember the specifics. Through this journal we find out that she has a sister and a mother who is a nurse at a local hospital.

Jannie is following the phenomenon that is sweeping the globe and is killing off certain types of animals and eventually slowly starts to infect humans, turning their skin red, and eventually killing them. When they die, they eventually become zombies and crave human flesh. Yet for some reason, 10% of the human population is immune to the disease. Her mother never comes home from work, and her sister becomes infected and Jannie is forced to put her down and bury her, only to have her rise from the dead and is forced to kill her a second time.

Later she goes on and finds her new best friend Allan, and the two of them survive together. This is where the story honestly starts to drag for me and become boring. They go from safe-house to safe-house and they basically just go places and do stuff with no real clear antagonist and very little conflict in the book other than occasionally having to deal with some zombies.

Then Jannie’s story ends and Allan’s journal starts and we find out what happens to him after he parts ways with Jannie. Honestly it’s not that interesting, but later it starts to pick up again toward the end.

Also there were a few spelling and grammar errors that I’m sure a proofreader or an editor would have caught.


If you like zombie books, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one, but you may start to lose interest halfway through it, but hang in there!

3 Stars