I just watched Pacific Rim on Blu-Ray, I got it from the Redbox, and I wish I hadn’t.  This movie was just lame!

We spend all this time and money making these massive robots to fight these monsters, but they kinda, you know… SUCK!

They’re supposed to be state of the art weapons that can destroy any opponent, yet they crumble as if they were made of paper mache! Plus the best attacks they have to use is to just punch the monsters? It’s not until they are almost down for the count that the robots pull out their GOOD weapons and use them. Why not lead with that instead of waiting until they are almost destroyed!?!

Plus all these monsters look like Earth sea animals, like sharks, squids, crabs, etc. But why!?! We’re never given any explanation as to why! Not to mention that these robots have to be flown in from miles away to the fight. Seriously!?! These robots can’t walk/run to the fight? They have to be carried there? LAME!

On top of that, why isn’t the military HELPING while these fights are going on? They have jets, tanks, soldiers, artillery, etc. Why not HELP instead of just sitting there and waiting to see what’ll happen?

This movie was just idiotic!

1 Star