This book was just idiotic.

Like the main character is the only person who ever dropped out of school. And instead of going to the dean of his school and tell the dean that the doctor gave the order that cost the patient his life and not him, he just rolls over and accepts that he is doomed to be a fast food worker. Never mind that at least 5 other people heard the doctor give the order and that they probably have it on video, nope, it’s a lost cause and he shouldn’t even try to fight the hand fate has dealt him.

Then moving on, the character’s driving goal is a woman who doesn’t even know he exists. He’s gotta save her from the zombies that appear for roughly 3% of this book.

Then he meets up with a man and woman who are about to give birth. He could help them but instead he just mopes and complains and tells them how hopeless he is as a person and a medical professional. It’s almost like we’re listening to one of the Goth Kids on South Park telling us about the futility of their own existence.

So he delivers the baby, the wife sacrifices herself so the husband and the doctor can escape. They get to the roof and a helicopter is there to take them to safety. Only thing is there is only room for the baby and one adult. The doctor tells the father to go, that they deserve a chance to live. So of course the father stabs the doctor with a syringe and injects him with some stuff and tries to kill him.

WHY!?! He was already in the clear! He had his baby and a route to safety. What exactly did he have to gain by trying to kill the doctor? He didn’t even want to go on the copter! What was the point!?!

This book was just stupid.

1 Star