I can see how some people would like this and I can see what the author is trying to do, but honestly it’s just too much.


Okay let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way right now. The author needs to keep his politics out of his writing. I get it, you hate big government and you don’t trust the government. But honestly, people don’t read fiction to hear other people’s political views, they want escapism and entertainment, they don’t want to hear you ranting about how much you hate the current president and how much you distrust the government.

One of the main characters says how stupid the president is by saying he “Won’t rest until a cure is found,” and that everyone should stay calm and not panic. Okay first of all, how many different politicians have said during the course of history, “I shall not rest until, X, is done!” Does the main character and the author honestly think that means they aren’t going to sleep? Well apparently they do because the main character tries to sound smart and says that the President would die of sleep deprivation if he did that. What people mean, (In case the author can’t figure it out), what people mean when they say that is that they are going to put all their time, effort and energy into that particular issue until it’s resolved. It has nothing to do with not sleeping.

Plus for someone who apparently hates the government you’d think he’d love the government because that’s why he is a millionaire and has been freed from a normal 9-5 life. He won the lottery and has piles of money. Pop quiz, where do the funds for the lottery come from? That’s right, the government. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Okay moving on. Remember when we were kids and we were playing make believe in our backyards with our friends? Remember how we’d say, “This is my castle and it’s got this, and it’s got this, oh yeah and it’s got this too, and it’s got that over there, and it’s got this too!” That’s basically how the author describes the ship that the main character owns. Every time one of the character needs something, or a need arises, suddenly there’s something on the ship that can help. Including a huge cache of weapons that are so illegal that if anyone discovered it, the main character would be looking at the rest of his natural life behind bars regardless of how much money he has. The ship has wi-fi, cable TV, DVR, tons of luxury vehicles, a few helicopters, a plane (Yes a plane on, you read that right), a submarine (Yep, you read that one right too), jet skis, speed boats, movie theatres, sushi bars, dance clubs, pools, a bowling alley, a video arcade, movie theaters, internet cafes, restaurants, and enough rooms to hold thousands of people. And if that’s not enough, the main character later tells us that he has a fully functional marine biology lab complete with a decompression chamber and scuba gear. Plus his wife has her own art studio on the boat and she’s as hot as a super model and her artwork sells for 10’s of thousands of dollars at art galleries.

Okay enough of that. Next the military just decides to give these characters a group of marines to join the and be their own personal strike force and they bring with them enough military grade weaponry to wage their own war against a first world country if they wanted to.

Get the idea? It’s utterly ridiculous, and the characters have nothing they need. Part of the appeal of zombie novels is the aspect of scavenging for equipment and food and weapons and learning how to fight and use weapons. But these characters already have everything they need, and they don’t have to WORK for anything, so it’s lame, they basically have no obstacles to overcome and they don’t grow as characters. They have it too easy and it’s boring to read about characters that basically don’t have to do anything


I didn’t mean for this to go on for so long, but someone has to tell it like it is and warn readers that these characters are lame and the situation is boring.

You can skip this one.

1 Star