Okay I just wanted to post this while I had a few minutes.  I DVR’d the PBS special that was three hours long and was about the history and evolution of Super Heroes.  I loved every minute of it and I could relate to everything they said.  I had most of the comics that they threw up on screen and that they were talking about.


All the guest speakers were great as well.  Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Chris Claremont, Jeff Johns, Jeff Loeb, they all rocked!  Except for one guy.  Joe Quesada!  SCREW YOU Joe Quesada!  They were talking about a bit where comics had evolved and became more gritty and edgier and heroes were growing.  Spider-Man had left high school and graduated college and had married Mary Jane.  Quesada then said, “But we didn’t know how to make it work, so we ended it.”


No Joe, “WE,” (Meaning the Marvel writers on staff at the time), didn’t have a problem writing a married Spider-Man.  He’d been married for over 10 years before your stupid ass came along and fucked it all up!  “WE,” had been writing him just fine and the stories were interesting and engaging and kept us buying the comics in record numbers.  “WE,” did not have a problem at all selling the books and making a profit for Marvel.


YOU didn’t know how to write a married Spider-Man!  YOU wanted to relive your single years through Spider-Man.  YOU went around and begged and threw temper tantrums at the Marvel offices until enough people got sick and tired of your whining that you got a slight majority on your side and ended Spider-Man’s marriage.  YOU weren’t man enough to say, “I don’t know how to write this character.”  YOU weren’t man enough to hand over the reins to someone who did know how to write this character.  YOU were also the dumbass who was trying to bring Gwen Stacey back to life and screw up the continuity even more than ever.  YOU are the one responsible for the dive in Spider-Man’s sales numbers immediately afterwards, which they’ve never fully recovered from.  YOU are the one who goes to cons and throws temper tantrums because the fans still haven’t forgiven you for what you did.  YOU are the one who screwed up so bad and tried to cram Carly Cooper down our throats to make up for it and when that didn’t work, you make her LOOK like Mary Jane and hoped it would appease the fans.


Are you noticing a pattern Joe?  Spider-Man was just fine before your stupid ass came along and fucked it all up!  So don’t for one SECOND say it was everyone at Marvel who was in on this decision.  It was YOU who did this, not Marvel.  And one day your ass will be out of Marvel’s writing department and the deal with Mephisto will be retcon’d and things will be back to normal.


Up yours Joe Quesada!


*SIgh* Okay I feel better now 🙂