This is without a doubt the best Grand Theft Auto game that has ever been made! I couldn’t believe how engaging this story was and how much I was rooting for these characters!


Okay these spoilers are for the storyline, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now! 🙂

So we have our three main characters of Franklin, Michael and Trever. Franklin is a street level punk who is just trying to come up in the world. Michael is the retired bank robber who is trying to raise his family. Trevor is his partner who thinks Michael is dead and is living out in the desert and is now making and selling (and possibly using) meth. All of these characters have interesting things to add to the story and the ending is very satisfying.


So the story is what’s really awesome, but also the game play is pretty cool too! The controls are very easy to get used to and seem to be the same as other Rockstar games, so for example if you know the controls for Red Dead Redemption, then you’ll be able to adjust to these controls very easily.

In this game you can play tennis, do yoga, play darts, do tri-athalons, enter car races, go to the shooting range, etc. All these things help you build up your stats over time. So the more you exercise, the more your stamina and strength increase and it makes combat easier. I liked this because it really gave me incentives to do these seemingly silly side-activities.

On top of that there are many side missions that are marked as question marks (?) on the map where if you go to them with certain characters, they start side missions that are in addition to the main storyline. These were awesome and made me laugh so many times while I was playing it!

Now a few things I didn’t like. The controls for flying were a little wonky and hard to get used to, I ended up skipping most of the flying missions instead of doing them. Also the properties that you can buy are kinda pointless. Just an example, a club that Trevor can buy costs you $30,000 USD, but it brings in $900 USD a week. You’d have to own that for like 3 years before you saw a profit on it. Plus you have to do missions for your properties sometimes but they do not give you any more money from these properties. On top of that you can’t do anything to increase the value of these properties. Like it would be good if for the club that Trevor owns that you could book musical acts, buy better sound systems, buy different quality drinks, etc, to make the club churn out more money on a weekly basis, but you can’t do anything like that. So it’s not really worth buying these properties.

Those are really my only beefs with the game and they are easily overlooked once you are playing the game and enjoying the story.

If you have a 360, you HAVE to get this one!