This was kind of a disappointment.


So let me get this straight. An 18 yr old drew a stick figure of a woman on a wall so instantly his family assumes he’s obsessed with this girl and he has to get the heck out and go build a home for himself? Man I guess my parents shoulda kicked me out of the house when I was 6, cuz that’s when I started drawn stick people in my coloring books.

Plus it seems that this guy builds a log cabin in one day with no tools and no time at all spent building the thing. It just kinda is there at the end of the story.

Not to mention that the author gives away major plot points waaay too soon. He could have dragged this story out much longer and built suspense and suspicion amongst the colonists, but no, everything is revealed in this like 40 page story, which gives me like zero desire to read the sequels to this book.


Honestly the only reason I’m giving this two stars is because of the cover, it honestly does look pretty cool and it roped me in. Other than that, there’s nothing special here, you can skip this one.