Okay this is another story that is “kinda” about zombies, but not really. Normally I really don’t like stories like this but the story was actually really good so I didn’t mind.


In this world, the zombie apocalypse already happened and we’ve cleaned up the mess and moved on with our lives. However some people are carriers of this disease and just have shown different symptoms. Some are catatonic, some are crazy, some repeat what others say and do. Everyone of these people has the chance to go “aggro” at anytime. Which means they turn into zombies and start chowing down on people. No one knows when someone will go aggro but they need to be watched constantly in case this does happen.

There is a company called “C-Shapes” who is working on a “cure” and they have people who go and take of people who have the disease and they call them “Sitters.” Our main character falls in love with the girl he is taking care of. It ends up that he and the girl go on the run. They find safe places to hide and a few people are willing to help them, but most of the people decided they will just kill anyone with this disease.

The main character and the girl are left a vehicle and some money by an old friend of his named, “Noah” who was an investigative reporter and wanted to infiltrate C-Shapes and bring them down. Now my main complaints are about this vehicle that he left them. It just seems to be like Kit from Night Rider or the Black Beauty from Green Hornet, anything they need to be able to do, the car seems to be able to do. Want to know how if you’re being followed? Just ask the car! Want to know what the current population of a city and how many infected are there? Just ask the car! It’s just a little too convenient in my opinion.

Also this story came up when I did a search for “Zombies,” and this bothers me because there are barely any zombies in it. There is mainly just the looming threat that at anytime there COULD be zombies. Also there are waaay too many spelling and grammatically mistakes for my tastes. I think this author really just needed to have someone read over this and edit it before it was published.


So other than those minor complaints, the overall story is pretty good and worth reading. However if you’re looking for tons of zombies and zombie action, you may want to look elsewhere.