Let me start like I usually do for this series. No, I don’t watch the show. I am more interested in the books.

So I finally manage to finish this book after putting it off for practically a month. So far I have really enjoyed this author’s work. He really knows how to weave an entire world with an in depth history and characters who have real motivations driving them.


I do have to mention to you before you read this. If you like fantasy books that have their main characters living through impossible situations no matter how much danger they are put into, you may want to skip this one. Because in this book we are shown that main characters can die and are just as mortal as the rest of us.

Also we finally get some satisfaction when a few characters that we loved to hate through the first two books, FINALLY get their just deserts! I cannot tell you how happy I was when that lunatic Joffrey finally met with the Grim Reaper. And Shae, that two-timing witch finally got what she deserved. She had a man who loved her dearly but she threw it away for a chance at money and prestige, and Tyrion gets his revenge!

Plus I FINALLY get what I really wanted out of these books! We are shown an epic battle at The Wall between the Night Watch and the wild men beyond the wall. We have giants, mammoths, barbarians, an epic siege, and it’s told in such an amazing way that it keeps you riveted to the book!

Stannis makes his move toward the end of the book and we find out his true ambitions! Not to mention that Sansa, (Oh god how I hate this character), finally escapes Kings Landing and DOES something! And Arya, oh how I LOVE this character! She finally gets to cross a few names off of her list and she gets to use that iron coin that she got in one of the previous books.


I really enjoyed this book, my only complaint is that it is just too LONG!!! It clocks in at 1128 pages, and it just dragged in some places. Other than that, this is a really great book! Anyone who liked the first two books will love this addition to the series!

Check it out!


4 Stars