Okay, so this is a story about your average American family and it’s told from the POV of a slightly overweight middle-aged woman who has problems just like the rest of us. Her family isn’t perfect, her kids seem to be addicted to video games, her husband is a huge sword/knife collector. And on top of that, the zombie apocalypse just started.


Okay so we are shown in this book that the main character really cares about her family and they are her number one priority in her life. Her husband really has no defining characteristics other than he likes swords and is a security guard.

They see on the news that the zombies are coming so they get their kids, pack up their mini-van with food and camping gear and their Nintendo DS’s and they hit the road to round up their family.

A part of the book I totally loved was that the grandmother punched out her sort of daughter-in-law who was busy on her cell phone as her husband was bleeding and possibly dying. Now that is the kinda woman you want as the matriarch of your family!

The only real downside of this story is that the zombies are kinda down-played, but I can see what the author is doing. She is developing the characters so we can identify with them as a family before going hardcore on the zombies.


In the end, this was a really good story and I liked it very much even though there wasn’t that many zombies in it. I intend to get the other books in this series and check the out as soon as I can.

4 Stars