A giant evil corporation is making zombies and only two people can take them down while using improvised weapons. Sound familiar? Oh yeah, that’s the plot of Resident Evil! 😛


What’s crazier is that this “super corporation” which has infiltrated the world and has secret labs everywhere is infiltrated by a 20-something year old using jury-rigged technology that he made with a high school chemistry set. Yeah, that’s really a global corporation that is compromised by this kid with a bad attitude and a chemistry set his dad got him 10 years ago from K-Mart.

Totally unrealistic. The only reason it was remotely interesting was that it reminded me of Resident Evil, and the earlier games in that series were some of my favorites in the zombie genre. Plus there is only one zombie in the whole story, so if you are getting this hoping to get some zombies, you can skip this one.


This just wasn’t what I was hoping for.