Okay, I love books that are about people surviving the zombie apocalypse and this one was pretty good. I loved that this guy was able to clear out an entire town by himself and he was also able to pretty much make the entire town functional again.


So what I didn’t like is the fact that the guy was bitten and didn’t turn. I knew right away from the title of the book that the guy was infected but was just a carrier, just like the mom from 28 Weeks Later. Something that didn’t make sense was that they guy was using music and loudspeakers to lure zombies out of buildings, so why didn’t he do the same when he tried to clear the local school out?

Also when the girl showed up I knew immediately that she would be the main character’s love interest, honestly, it was that transparent. Plus I knew they were going to have sex and she was going to get infected. The author is great at writing zombie fiction, he just needs to improve on his ability for writing interactions between living characters.


So even with those things I didn’t like, this story was still very enjoyable. You should check it out!

3 Stars