Okay this wasn’t really much of a zombie story, it was more of a serial killer story that had zombies show up in the last couple of pages.


So the more I read this series the more I liked it. This is the story of the couple who the other two main characters saw arguing in the courtyard. It turns out that the dude killed his mother and kept her severed hand in his closet. He then is finally fed up with his wife’s constant nagging, her insults, her forcing him to become vegan, her stripping and flaunting her body for other men. He finally kills her and chops up the body. This whole time he is hearing the voice of his dead mother in his head telling him what to do. Now that was really cool!

He gets bitten while trying to getting her cut up body into his car. Then he goes to McDonald’s because he’s hungry and when the worker hands him his order, he grabs the kid’s hand and starts to eat it.


I really liked this story, and if this is a preview of how good this author is with zombie literature, it’s very likely I will check out their other works.