I love British zombie stories! Why can’t more of our friends over in the UK write zombie stories? 🙂


The overall story was pretty cool. The idea of a zombie plague making the skin come off of people’s bodies was unique and very original!

There are only a few parts of the story that I didn’t like, and these are very minor complaints. I didn’t like the fact that the number one news station in the U.K. was basically run by hipsters and that they used suck informal language during a news broadcast.

Also the main character was messing around on his wife for a long time, that I didn’t have a problem with, it actually helped to develop his character. But when the woman he was having an affair with, (His wife’s sister), came up to him and demanded the cure from him, that didn’t make any sense. Why would a security guard working at a news station have a cure to the zombie disease? Shouldn’t she go to the military or a hospital for that? That’s kinda like if I had a virus on my computer and I went to a bakery demanding some anti-virus software.

Plus the sister says that the main character is to blame and that men like him have betrayed women all throughout history. Ummm, it kinda takes two to tango. No one put a gun to her head and forced her to have sex with him. She has a mouth and free will, she could have said no, or smacked him and told her sister that he was hitting on her.


So even with these minor complaints, the book is really interesting and it’s worth picking up and checking out!