This story was short and full of errors.  Spell check and a proofreader are any author’s best friends.


Okay so this story is about the landlord/owner of the building and he’s agoraphobic and a terrified of getting sick so he’s constantly cleaning and taking safety precautions.

He’s also convinced that every time he gets sick that someone close to him dies. His therapist convinces him to come out of his apartment and go meet him at Starbucks to to help address his agoraphobia. He goes outside and the zombie apocalypse ensues.

The story was an interesting concept, but it was too short and I don’t think anyone proofread this story at all. There are grammatical and spelling mistakes all over the story. If the author had just taken their time with this and fixed these mistakes, and fleshed out the story a bit more, it could have really been good!


If you can get past the spelling mistakes and the grammar mistakes, then you may see that it’s a good story.