Once again I have to state this, I really don’t usually read anthologies or collections of short stories. But this one was free and it was about zombies, so I gave it a shot.


So I’ll just mention these stories and be brief about them.

The Pilot – It was okay, it gives the perspective of a pilot whose plane is under attack by zombies during a zombie apocalypse. I do have to wonder, if he can’t fly a military jet due to his failing eye sight. Why would anyone let him pilot a commercial jet?

The Boy – Okay so the guy makes it home and he hears something upstairs in the bathroom and when he opens the door he sees something so horrifying, so terrifying that he flees from the house in terror. Okay so what did he see? Look, there are very few writers that can leave an ending open like that and have our imaginations do a better job than the writer ever could. Poe and Lovecraft are the only two that spring to mind. And this author is certainly not on their level.

The Fry Cook – This was an awesome story! Anyone who has worked in fast food or at a minimum wage job will love this story and be able to relate to these characters!

The Inmate – It had an awesome story about a serial killer and the zombies don’t show up until the very end, but honestly this story was good without them in it. Really it shouldn’t be in this book since it has very little to do with zombies.

The Subway Passenger – This was just lame. It makes you realize that the people who are on public transportation with you on your morning commute are just as boring and stupid as you think they are.

The Sniper – Was a good story about a woman sniper who is stuck on a roof during the zombie apocalypse. It had very little to do with zombies, and more about a woman contemplating the mistakes she made in her life.


If you’re really looking for zombie literature, you aren’t missing anything great if you pass it by. But if you’re bored, it’s worth a read.